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English Literary Journalism

Literary / Long-form Journalism Initiative: In response to shifting student needs and broader cultural changes, the English Department is leading a focused fundraising drive to advance our collective engagement with the under-studied genre of literary journalism. Through new courses, internships, and speakers series dedicated to the study of its history and craft, we hope to expose our students to immersion-based narrative nonfiction as an artful and publicly engaged literary form that reinforces the centrality of long-form listening, thinking and writing to the broader liberal arts mission.

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Gifts supporting this fund will lay the groundwork for a new curricular program and will create enhanced engagement opportunities for our students in the broader community.

Donations are applied to...

To advance these efforts, we plan to establish:

  • New Community Journalism course offerings pairing students with professional journalists to design, pitch, research, write and publish long-form journalism stories
  • Long-term partnerships with regional media organizations to provide internship and shadowing opportunities for our students
  • A high-profile, long-form journalism speaker series
  • Long-term strategies for endowing a new Visiting Professorship in Literary Journalism
  • Partnerships with other LSA departments to develop a new, interdisciplinary minor focused on literary journalism and other forms of narrative nonfiction writing

Why are donations necessary?

We increasingly see, among students and faculty alike, a recognition of the importance of storytelling in knowledge production and social change. You can help us equip our students with the tools to meet the changing demands of civic engagement and participate effectively, and with a well-cultivated understanding of the importance of empathy, humility, and a respect for difference, in public conversations beyond the academy.